What to do in the Northeast..

The Northeast is booming… Just kidding. If you live here, you know that this is a humorous statement. Where is the Northeast you ask? I am talking about Northeastern Pennsylvania. While many think that this is a bustling community there is rarely much to do. But I am here to help. Below, I’ve compiled a list of things that you can or may be doing in the area. Hope you enjoy this list. It is not complete by any means and I will continue to be adding to it when I find more to do. So.. here are some things going on in town.

Explore the Steamtown national historic site.

  • Scranton is known to be associated with coal mining and was once considered the coal mining capital of the US. Because of this, there is a historic site dedicated to coal mining, trains, and Scranton’s history. You can even ride the train and get interactive with some of the displays.

Walk in Nay Aug Park

  • Nestled on the top of the hill near Scranton’s hospital, Nay Aug Park is filled with many exciting things to do. Whether you are there in the winter months to see the Christmas Light Show or you are enjoying the cool river banks, Nay Aug has something for everyone. They even have a car show for fathers day!

Explore and be a part of “First Friday”

  • Thats right, “First Friday” in Scranton occurs just as it sounds – the first Friday of every month. This is the perfect time for local businesses to shine in downtown Scranton. Public square is usually mobbed with local businesses and their tents are set up on the street. This is a unique opportunity to show off art, music and goods. And if you are interested, you can get yourself a tent rental in Scranton and show off what you’ve got!

Montage Mountain

Montage Mountain is not just for skiing and snowboarding in the winter time. Major upgrades have been made on the mountain and Montage plays host to many different bands in their amphitheater. In the summer months, there is a water park on the mountain, AAA baseball games, complete with a brand new stadium with fireworks every Friday, as well as retail shops up and down montage mountain road. A must see!

I will be constantly adding more and more as we go.