The right tree service in Scranton

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Taz here, I am back and today reviewing a Tree service company in the Scranton area. Why? because we recently dealt with one…. AND I like writing. Is that ok? Good. So. When looking for the right tree service it is very important to understand the difference between Joe Shmo tree service and an actual arborist. What is an arborist you say.. An arborist actually studies plant and tree life. They are the top of the top tree experts and know very much about the trees in your back yard, I guarantee it. You should look up and analyze the tree services in your area and determine which ones are legit, and which ones you should pass on. Many companies will tell you that they are the best around, but simply ask them if they are arborists, and you’ll soon find out that not everyone is who they say they are.

Consider dealing with tree services who are insured and have been around for some time. Make sure they’re arborists, even though you may be paying a little more for the service. Have them show you their credentials if you’re hesitant.

Get more than one quote for tree removal or services you need. You don’t have to pick the first guy you come in contact with! People get 5 quotes to buy a toaster! if you’re spending the money, take the time and find a GREAT tree service!…

The new house and the leaky roof.

Whats up everyone! Taz here. I’ve taken a few days off and I will dedicate this blog to what has been going on for the past couple of days. As you know (or don’t know) My wife and I have recently bought a new house. I shouldn’t say new. I should say new for us. But its an oldie. Anyway, We had a hell of a storm here this past weekend and when we took a gander upstairs, we noticed that there were some wet spots on the rugs. UGH! We were sorta ticked off considering we went through a thorough inspection and apparently they missed the leaky roof. Needless to say, we had to search for a good roofer in our area. Now, some contractors are not well trusted, luckily I did my due diligence and went with Bill Ritter ( He was quick and gave me a price that my wife and I were happy with and even offered a payment plan. He will be getting started within the week. In either case, when looking for a good roofer, I would consider the following:

  • Good Insurance
  • Good online reviews
  • Good BBB ranking
  • Warranty, warranty, warranty.
  • Friendly and knowledgable


So there you have it. I know that I am really narrowing down the people who actually will visit the site and need a roofer, but I just figured I would save some the time and effort and drop a line about Bill. He is great to work with.



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Howdy! Taz here. thank you for sharing my blog experience with me. I saved this blog to discuss anything and everything. You’ll never know what you’re going to get so come on back! theres plenty to go around.…